Saturday, August 27, 2022

When I read this, I imagined myself in the Handmaid’s shoes. All of her freedoms had been stripped and she deeply craved any glimmer of normalcy. It made me think of some of the ridiculous arguments that I have with my husband. There are always crumbs scattered all over our kitchen counter after he makes one of his sandwiches and, no matter how many times I point it out, I still find sprinkles of coffee grains on the floor around the garbage can. I imagined how I would feel if he was removed from me and I was never able to nag him ever again. In the sentiment of LeAnn Rimes, I wouldn’t be able to breathe without him. I lived alone for a very, very long time, so although those little things about my husband might be annoying, it is also a huge privilege for me to find a mess that someone else made because it means that I’m no longer living this life on my own.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

I've broken just about everything in me in my continuous quest to becoming a mom. When I began my journey to motherhood, I had a beautiful idea of how things would progress. My experience is absolutely nothing like what I pictured. This teatime quote was like a whisper of encouragement. My baby journey may not be what I envisioned, but there are various avenues that will eventually lead me to my ultimate goal! I hope to have an incredible testimony to share in the end!

May this [Yogi Tea] message encourage you however it relates in your own individual life journey!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


It’s never pleasant when trust is broken. When you realize what you thought was, isn’t. No matter if the trust breaking incident was big or small, it changes how you view your world; and each time you experience mistrust it chips away at your level of innocence. 

One of my struggles with experiencing mistrust is trying not to allow the actions of others to change who I am or to change how I trust and allow new people into my life. I'm still learning how to leave time for trust to develop and I'm trying to open myself up to the idea that trust can be rebuilt.