falling into place

Meet Leila Smith. She has a wonderful childhood provided by her mother, her best friend. Their relationship takes an unexplained turn for the worse when she reaches her teenage years.

She experiences the biggest heart break when her mother begins to treat her as if she were no longer a member of the family. As Leila struggles to believe that life is still worth living, she promises that she will leave this hell that has become her home.

undies in a bunch

Undies in a Bunch is a collection of true-taled short stories and abstract poems. In Undies in a Bunch, Louise Cazley recounts hilarious, unpleasant, bizarre and positive episodes of her life.

Whether she is asking her mother to purchase her condoms at the youthful age of nine or expressing a fondness for things usually overlooked by most, Louise does not shy away from exposing herself and enlightening readers with her reflective humor.

Louise verbally illustrates her experiences in a fashion that will force you to contemplate, appreciate and at the very least, crack a smile. This timely comedy and romantic layer of stories will keep you intrigued until the very last page.