Monday, July 1, 2019

All Things Work Together for Good

The fifth anniversary for the due date of my angel baby took place a few weeks ago. Although my intense feelings towards my loss have eased, I know I’ll never completely get over it. My due date is branded within me so an internal ‘ping’ goes off whenever that time of year rolls around. I can’t help but often wonder about that pregnancy loss and what my life would have been like had I not suffered a miscarriage. Instead of celebrating my child’s 5th birthday, I was gearing up for my 4th uterine surgery in hopes of rectifying the roadblocks that are preventing my multiple IVF cycles from ending with success.

As I walked towards the operating room, I felt scared. It took some effort to blink away my emotional heaviness and not embarrass myself by bursting into tears as the resident nurse made small talk with me about the weather.

I feel tired and beat up and honestly, I don’t want to do this anymore. I’ve been asking myself if a baby is really worth all of this trouble. Is it worth all of the synthetic hormones coursing through my body? Is it worth the mental and emotional disarray that hits me unexpectedly at times making me feel as if I’m losing a grip on my sanity? When I visualized my future, having a baby took place in a moment of passion, not with doctors, needles, surgeries and maddeningly insensitive commentary from those who just can’t understand.

I’m so exhausted and it’s a huge struggle to keep the faith when everything in front of me seems so impossible. On the other hand, my entire life has consisted of impossibilities miraculously coming to fruition - so I hold on to my history in an effort to motivate me through each step of this journey.

Although the miscarriage I suffered was one of my most awful experiences to date, my loss sparked a chain of wonderful events that led me to where I am today. And while these days I have quite a few tough moments, in the midst of it all I am quite happy!

I’ve accepted that “These are the days that must happen to me.” (I saw that quote at an antique shop I visited last summer in Asbury Park and brought it home with me). I sincerely believe that everything that happens in life, both good and bad is supposed to happen. There is a plan in place for my life, this is my path and all events are working together for a purpose.

Romans 8:28 - ... all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Forty and Forever a Work in Progress

I celebrated my 40th birthday two weeks ago and it was ah-maze-ing!! I danced so much that I’m just regaining the feeling in one of my big toes. Although there were threats of a winter storm, most of the people I love were able to make it. It was just the most fantastic time and I’m still on a high from all of the music, laughter and love. It might be the best party I’ve had, with the exception of my wedding, of course! (I lost the feeling in both of my big toes for that event).

I cannot believe I’m forty! Not because I’m depressed about it at all. I’m thrilled to be here! I’m in a better place in my life than I was when I was thirty and I’m also happier than I was when I was thirty. Also, I believe my anti-aging creams have been doing a good job so I think I’ve maintained pretty well – Ha! I can’t believe I’m forty because the time in between thirty and forty happened so quickly.

Although it feels like the years went by so swiftly, I feel like I’ve lived a few lives in the past decade. So many wonderful, terrible, scary yet awesome things have taken place during those ten years. And although so many things in my life have changed, at my core I’m still the same. When I was a teenager, I always searched beneath the surface of life to find meaning and direction in the words and the people that crossed my path. I thought that by now I would have everything figured out. I don’t and I’ve come to realize and accept that I never will, and that’s ok.

I’m Still a Mental Case

My mind is like a web of constant thoughts and words all intersecting and colliding with each other, so it’s never quiet up there. I’m a thinker, an analyzer and I process and dissect every-damn-thing! I used to think that something was wrong with me for being this way, but after meeting a host of people who see beyond what’s in front of them, I realize that it’s ok to have some depth. I’ve finally accepted that I will always be this way; always looking to the Bible, books, people and psychology and taking the things from those resources that educate, uplift and help me to evolve into a better person.

Nothing Really Matters

I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a hot flash of panic about something at work, something that has gone wrong in an IVF cycle, the list can go on... The anxiety, the tears, the palpitations, the mental torment are all so unhealthy and so unnecessary. In the moment it feels like my world is ending, but when I look back on those panicked moments a week, a month or a year later it all comes down to nothing.

I’m working on keeping calm – it will be a lengthy process.

Standing Up for Me

I’m not always good at it, but I’m learning to stand up for myself. It’s amazing how far people will try to push you if you allow them. I haven’t always been good at teaching people how to treat me, but I’ve gotten a lot better at it. Knowing your worth is beneficial in all relationships and can save you a great deal of head and heartache in the end.

If I can give respect to those around me, I deserve to receive that same respect in return. It sounds simple enough, but anyone who has been involved with people knows that it doesn’t always work that way.

I’m working on demanding the respect I deserve. Even if my heart shakes and I burst into tears while I’m demanding it.

Trusting my Gut

I’ve made so many excuses and allowances for questionable behavior and walked myself into many situations that I should have steered clear of. My naivety and ‘benefit of the doubt’ mentality have gotten me into more issues than I care to admit. When something, isn’t right you have an inkling in your gut that you can’t shake.

I haven’t always followed those inklings, but I now act faster when I pick up on those red flags. I’m getting better at trusting myself.

God’s Timing is Divine

Turning forty and not being a mother is heart wrenching for me. Although I have been through a lot, God has always been faithful to me. When I look at how far I have come in the past decade, there are so many impossible situations that I have overcome. I’m not the best Christian, but God’s grace has always covered me. God has always made a way out of no way. The answers to my prayers haven’t always come when I’ve wanted them to, but the timing has always been on point.

Life’s hurdles are unpleasant, but they are also character building. My life is pretty boring so these peaks and valleys add a touch of flair and pizzazz. At least that's how I choose to look at it.

It’s Never Too Late

I’m in a constant battle with myself not to give up on my creativity. I don’t have as much time and energy as I used to and I’ve allowed life to get in the way of a lot of the projects that I want to see through. Although it has become difficult to live a balanced life and keep my creativity alive, I won’t give up and I won’t give in no matter how long it takes me to complete the projects swimming around in my head. My determination always forces me to finish what I start, it just might take me a bit longer than it used to.

I’m going to write more blogs, I’m going to finish all of my knitting projects, I’m going to finish writing that book even if it takes me a few years and I’m going to dance because it fills me with life.

My mother-in-law who is in her seventies dances and performs (#goals) and if she’s shown me anything, it’s not to limit myself because of time, age or for any other reason that my self doubt is giving me. 


Even though I don’t have it all together at forty, I’m settled where it counts. I’m imperfect, but I’m honest, transparent, and a decent human being and for that I’m very proud of the woman I’ve become.

Life is about learning, reflecting and evolving. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past decade and I’m excited to see where the next decade is going to take me.

Friday, December 29, 2017

IVF - The Journey

From the beginning of my IVF journey I’ve had a huge amount of support. I have friends who have gone through the process, friends who are going through the process and friends who don’t completely understand IVF, but are there for me nonetheless. I am also blessed to have a husband who is an awesome cheerleader and who is capable of handling all of the unstable emotions that have possessed me during this journey. I’ve never truly been alone, but it’s been a lonely journey at times especially when I allow my thoughts to run rampant for an extended period of time. 

Although my good friend had given me the full IVF run-down, I still wasn’t prepared for how taxing it would be. 

I’m on a break at the moment, but I've practically lived at the fertility clinic for the majority of the year. My life has become twice-daily booty injections, pills, blood work and unstable emotions. Thank God that I’m great with needles because there is a lot of sticking and poking involved. The injections are a team effort. I prepare the injections and Edward is in charge of administering. 

Preparation for the egg retrieval was physically and mentally exhausting. One morning, my co-worker/friend swung by my desk to say hello and I felt myself beginning to crack. I was already in a troubled state before she stopped by and that ‘Hello’ set me off. Because I was at work, I blinked back my meltdown and after being woo-wooed by my friend, I quickly got myself under control. 

I tried to be strong. I tried to convince myself that it was only appointments. I can do appointments. They tell you what time to be there, you wake up and you go. But it's so much more than 'only appointments' and there is only so much psyching up of myself I could do before the situation leveled me. 

My egg retrieval was extremely comfortable and the outcome was positive. I had healthy eggs that developed into healthy fertilized embryos. We lost a few of the eggs, which is normal, but we still have a good number of embryos of which I hope 1 (or 2) will develop into a baby so that I don’t have to go through the egg retrieval process again; but if I have to do it again - I will. 

Now that we had our good, healthy embryos we began the preparing for the embryo transfer. Preparing for the embryo transfer was less intense than preparing for the egg retrieval, but still extremely exhausting. My first embryo transfer was canceled because my uterine lining was a bit thin. I really appreciate that they didn't want to waste my embryo on a ‘chance’, especially since we went through so much to get them. Still, I was really disappointed. I was aware that I should be flexible because things can change from one day to the next or be canceled at the drop of a hat, but I’m not a flexible person. This experience is forcing me into flexibility whether I like it or not.

About a week after my canceled embryo transfer, we began preparing for the transfer again. This time I’d searched Google inside-out and upside-down for methods of increasing the thickness of my uterine lining. I drank pomegranate juice, red raspberry leaf tea and a good friend recommended acai extract supplements. My doc also prescribed additional medication so that instead of receiving one nightly booty injection Edward had the pleasure of administering two. Something worked because my uterine lining thickened beautifully and we were given a date for our embryo transfer.

The transfer was easy, but the doctor who performed the transfer asked if I’d ever had surgery on my uterus. I figured he asked me that question because he’d had a hard time inserting the catheter, possibly due to scar tissue that developed from my previous surgeries.

My embryo transfer failed and I went dark for a few weeks. I knew that there was a huge chance that the transfer would fail, but I was hopeful going into it for the first time. I was a bit hard on myself for believing that the first try would be successful and I had to fight to accept that the hope I felt was natural. 

I tried to talk myself out of the darkness, but it became hard to get up in the morning. The act of removing my feet from the bed and getting them to touch the floor was difficult. Getting out of bed meant that I had to go out, smile and pretend that I was ok. I was already exhausted and pretending took a lot of energy. I just wanted to lie down. I had such a bad breakdown at work one day that I thought I was going to have to go home. I couldn’t be on the street or on the train in the condition I was in so I just hid in the bathroom and called my dad-friend who has always been great at calming me down. I really felt like I was going crazy.

I’m blessed to have a two surrogate mom-friends and one surrogate dad-friend who continuously look after me in situations like these and who have saved me millions of dollars in therapy. One of my Christian surrogate mom-friends was able to talk me off the ledge. I’d completely shut down, but I knew that I needed to talk to someone and so I reached out to this particular mom-friend. She actually didn’t say much, but she said everything exactly right as if she had a message to deliver specifically to me. It sounds insane, but I felt the darkness lift as my friend was speaking and at the end of our conversation I felt complete peace. That conversation broke me out of my depression and a peace that passes all understanding has been with me ever since.

I had another painful test on my uterus to determine the condition of the cavity before having another embryo transferred. I was right about the scar tissue. Thankfully, by the time I received the call confirming that I would need a third surgery to remove scar tissue in my uterus, I was in a much better mental space. I am actually really looking forward to the surgery because it will give me a chance to relax for an entire week.

My surgery was supposed to take place this month, but everything is out of whack due to the medication my body has endured, so the surgery has been postponed until January. In the beginning, I had an expectation of immediacy and with IVF, that’s not at all realistic. I’ve come to accept that a change in a day, a month or a couple of months doesn’t really make much of a difference. Things are going to happen when they are going to happen and there isn't a thing I can do about it. 

At the end of every year I visualize where (God willing) I hope to be by the end of the following year. I’m working on adjusting my expectations. I’m working on letting go of the things that I can’t control and making the most of the things I can control. I’m grateful to be in a better place mentally and I’m grateful to have people in my life to steer me back on the right path whenever I veer into darkness. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The IVF Struggle is Real

In the summer of 1991 the youngest member of my Cazley family was born. I was ten-years-old when I became a big sister, but mentally I was still a baby. I still wanted and needed my mother desperately. She was my world, the only thing I cared about and I wasn’t mature enough, when the first of my Cazley brothers arrived, to truly appreciate the glorious miracle that a newborn baby was.

When my second brother was born I was twelve. By then I was a little more mature. In the words of Britney Spears, I was ‘not yet a woman’, but old enough to appreciate what a newborn meant to the Cazley family. By then I was old enough to appreciate the fresh bloom and the beam of pure happiness that the new baby brought into our lives.

My mom fell ill soon after the baby was born so I became his sole caretaker. I fed him, I changed him, I sang to him and rocked with him long into the night when he just wouldn’t go the f*%k to sleep. Although he was mine, he never truly belonged to me. He was an extension of my heart and of my DNA, but really, he wasn’t mine and I was absolutely fine with that. I was uninterested in him fully belonging to me because I was a selfish twelve-year-old who was growing breasts, discovering boys and discussing those boys with my friends. Regardless, I was still able to experience a maternal love spreading through me as his tiny body lay curled up on my chest or in my arms. I never forgot that feeling or the fresh smell of his curly, new-to-the-world head.

Someone at church once overheard me calling my brother ‘my baby’ and I became embarrassed because I didn’t want any outsiders to witness just how much I loved this baby. Maternal love came so naturally to me, even at the age of twelve, that it only made sense that I would one day be a mother.

In 2013, I thought my time had come. After a late period, two lines on a stick told me that I was indeed with child. Those two lines on that stick are still the most miraculous and surreal thing that have ever happened to me. I was home alone when I took the test and I ran screaming so loudly from the bathroom that my cat went running for cover.

A blood test confirmed my pregnancy. An 8 week appointment further confirmed it, but in week 9, an emotionally and physically painful miscarriage knocked me off me feet, sunk me into depression and shut down my dream of motherhood for the moment.

During my pregnancy, a large fibroid was discovered in my uterus. A few years later, I had the fibroid removed with the intention of having a baby inhabit that space. Shortly after that surgery, another growth was discovered. So after having the two uterine surgeries, I got the green light from my OBGYN. Maternally I’m old, so I didn’t want to waste time trying naturally; I made an appointment with a fertility clinic that was recommended by my OBGYN. I had a consultation, underwent a few tests and now I was just waiting for the results.

A few days before Mother’s Day I learned that not one, but both of my fallopian tubes were blocked. This was an absolute shock to me especially since I’d gotten pregnant naturally the first time. In order to obtain my own fresh smelling, curly, new-to-the-world head, I would have to undergo In Vitro Fertilization.

The Mother’s Day after my miscarriage was extremely tough. Over the years Mother's Day has become easier to handle, but this past Mother’s Day I spent all of my energy struggling not to embarrass myself in public with an ugly cry. My throat hurt from holding it in all day, but I am extremely impressed with how well I did.

So began the process of testing and ongoing daily, every-other-daily early in the morning ass appointments. If you know me well you know my ass ain’t an early in the morning daily, every-other-daily appointment person, but for my own fresh smelling, new-to-the-world baby, I will be that person.

I’m certainly not a victim and I hate ever coming off like one, but I just can’t understand why the natural progression of my life always includes so many road blocks. The second I overcome one thing, there is always something else and it’s as if I can't ever catch a break. I’m so damn exhausted and the sad thing about this life is that it could always be worse. This has been my mentality for the majority of the year; fighting with myself to stay afloat – If I allow myself to succumb to my negativity there is nowhere to spiral but downwards. I only have one life to live and I refuse to live my life on a downward spiral.

One of the fights I often have with myself is regarding my previous pregnancy. I’m disappointed that my previous pregnancy wasn’t successful. My baby would have been three-years-old now. I realize that the body is an awesome machine. Many miscarriages take place because the fetus is abnormal and the pregnancy is not meant to be successful for that reason. The body knows this and takes control. I understand all of that, but sometimes I just wonder why. IVF isn’t cheap and my previous pregnancy was free. I know that sounds hilarious (I’m crazy), but it’s true.

Before IVF, I thought about the process in such a frivolous, glamorous way. Why not undergo IVF if you have the money? Why not undergo IVF if you can get twins? Well there is nothing glamorous about it and it’s not something I would ever wish on anyone.

When I had thoughts of starting a family, IVF was not at all what I had in mind. It has certainly been an emotionally, mind-twisting ride. I’m working on accepting circumstances that are out of my control. If I dwell on my sadness and disappointment I will never move forward so I only have one choice, and that’s taking whatever steps necessary to get me to where I hope to be.

To be continued…

Friday, November 10, 2017

Danfredo Photos & Films

I met Danielle of Danfredo Photos & Films randomly. One of my writer friends introduced me to Danielle’s blog and I reached out to her to purchase some ad space to promote my second book. During our emails back and forth, we discovered that we literally lived one minute away from each other, so we decided to meet in person. Danielle was easy to fall in love with and she instantly became my friend. 

When Danielle and I first met, she hadn't taken the leap into photography just yet, but when she did I was elated that she asked me to be one of her test subjects. Her photos were absolutely incredible! Danielle possessed the natural ability to direct and to snap beautiful candid shots of me mid-laugh after she just cracked a hilarious joke. I would be expecting my face to be contorted into some grotesque expression, but the photo would always be gorgeous! Danielle and her hubby, Wil, giving birth to Danfredo Photos & Films was not a matter of ‘if’, it was a matter of ‘when’.

I reached out to Danfredo the second Edward proposed to me because OF COURSE they would be the ones to document one of the most important events to take place in our lives. Edward and I already knew the date that we planned on getting married, and with less than a year to plan, we can only thank the Lord that they weren’t already booked for our date.

There is a huge level of comfort that comes with having your good friends take control of such an intimate part of your wedding. Because we are all familiar with each other, Edward and I were able to be our true selves in front of the camera instead of a stiff, stuffy married couple that we wouldn't have recognized as ourselves.

I am obsessed with each and every single image that was captured at our wedding, but this is one of my absolute favorites:

The night that Edward and I received our photos and video from Danfredo, we stayed up (on a school night) until some ridiculous hour in the morning ooh-ing, aah-ing and laughing hysterically at the moments Danfredo documented that we missed because we were busy getting married.

I don't have enough words to justify the range of emotions I experience each time I delve into our photos (which is quite often. I should be embarrassed about this, but I’m not). My heart becomes so full from the love that is displayed. Love from our friends, love from our families, Edward and I’s love for each other and the love that radiated to us from behind the lens. And I am overwhelmed with appreciation of the fact that we get to repeatedly relive one of our most important days due to the immense care and detail that was put into documenting our day.

I’ve falling deeper in love with Danielle, Wil and the entire staff of Danfredo Photos & Films ☺.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Details

Save the Dates

I love playing with paper so of course I wanted to make my save the dates from scratch. I found a template on Pinterest for DIY Instagram Save the Dates that was easy enough and got to cutting, taping and gluing. Putting together 130 save the dates was a lot, but this was just the beginning of the cutting of the papers so I enjoyed every minute of it. 

The Invitations

I wanted to make my invitations from scratch as well, but everything I found was way too time consuming. These DIY Wedding Invitations weren't exactly made from scratch, but I already had my hands full so they were about as close as I was going to get to making them from scratch. The color scheme was perfect and I also found them on sale at Target! Yeay!!

Image by Danfredo Photos & Film

Escort Cards, Favor Tags & More Favor Tags

Surprisingly I couldn't find any templates that would fit with our wedding favors or any templates that I loved where I could just plug in the names of our guests and print, so I designed my own with an Avery label template. When I start something, I have to finish it, so I sat on the living room floor for hours with my paper cutter, slicing 130 escort cards, then 130 favor tags, then 130 tags stating what the favors were, which I ended up not using because anyone in their right mind could see what the favors were. Like I said, I love playing with paper, but this was beginning to stress me out. I should have asked for help, but I never do, so I didn't. 

My original idea was to attach the escort cards to mini bottles of champagne, but our budget didn't call for this champagne type of expense so my Plan B was to go with mini bottles of sparkling water. Groomsman-Randy ended up gifting us with cans of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, the best ginger ale I have ever tasted in my life. The ginger ale ended up working out perfectly especially because the color of the ginger ale can coincided the color scheme of our wedding.

Maid of Honor-Giselle and Bridesmaid-Daisy came over to help me put the favors and escort cards together. At this point I stopped trying to do everything by myself and began accepting help wherever I could get it. Edward could see that I was becoming a bit frazzled so he offered to help and I gave him the task of snipping 130 pieces of ribbon.

Image by Danfredo Photos & Film

The Flowers

I'd read an article that suggested Costco as a good place for purchasing flowers in bulk. This ended up being a very cost effective recommendation, but it involved more work. I would have to assemble and arrange the flowers myself. Bridesmaid-Daisy came over to assist with that task. I ordered three hundred stems of babies breath which was more than enough to create the bridesmaid bouquets, the table setting arrangements and serve as decorations for the ceremony. There were so many flowers that, sadly, I ended up having to toss a few bunches at the end of the wedding. Two hundred stems would have been enough.

Image by Danfredo Photos & Film

The Cake

... was fake. Kevin, Maid of Honor-Giselle's hubby, is extremely crafty, so I asked for his help with quite a few of the decor items that we used in our wedding. I purchased the cake shaped tiers of Styrofoam from Michael's and handed them over to Kevin so that he could work his magic. Our edible wedding cake came from BJ's which was also cost effective and delicious! Two sheet cakes were enough to feed all of our guests and we still had a third of one cake left untouched.

Image by Danfredo Photos & Film

The Wishing Well

I also asked Kevin for his services to paint our wishing well, welcome sign and table numbers. Our wishing well came from Michael's and our table numbers (among other items) came from IKEA. Since I don't have any wheels of my own just yet, Mr. & Mrs. Maid of Honor were awesome enough to make runs to IKEA on my behalf. I will forever be grateful to them for actually humoring my ideas and having a huge hand in bringing them to life.

I didn't find a template for the table numbers that worked for me, so I designed my own template in a word document which meant more cutting of papers. I found mini envelopes on Amazon for the wishing well notes, but I couldn't find any mini note cards that matched our color scheme (or maybe I was just too cheap to buy them). I ended up buying a ream of card stock and commenced the cutting of the papers...

Image by Danfredo Photos & Film

Although it was a bit overwhelming, I still thoroughly enjoyed all of the creative projects that I burdened myself with. I could have spent the money to have most of these details taken care of, but there was an inexplicable thrill of satisfaction in handling most of the projects myself. I'm so looking
utilizing some of these ideas when the times comes for planning a baby shower - but for that event I will be shelling out the loot so that someone else can do the bulk of the handiwork ☺.

Up Next: Danfredo Photos & Films

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Wedding Planner

I suffer from a severe case of RBF and I have a reputation for being antisocial. This is true and not true. When I don’t want to be bothered with socializing, I’m absolutely fine enjoying my own company while being in the midst of normal people mingling with each other. But at work I can’t isolate myself in that way so I fake the funk; and in that faking of the funk, I end up meeting people that I actually like, enjoy talking to and who end up becoming my friends.

What I like about being forced to socialize at work is that I end up having the best, most enlightening, deep conversations with people I otherwise would never cross paths with. Some of these conversations with random coworkers have really encouraged and uplifted my life – another blog on that later.

One of the regular visitors to my desk was Daniel who had just moved over to the US from Australia with his wife, Karina. I’m not at all good with small talk, but some people just have a knack for making good conversation with weirdos like myself. Daniel possessed that wonderful conversation making skill and because of that he quickly became my friend. When I shared the news with him about my engagement and confessed that I had no idea how I was going to pull everything together by myself, he suggested that I reach out to his wife who was an event designer and planner.

Wasting no time, I reached out to Karina immediately and set up an appointment for a consultation later that week. Karina was an absolute delight and of course she became my friend as well.

After showing Karina the venue and rambling off a few of my out-of-reach ideas, Karina asked me sensible questions that got me thinking about what really mattered. The answers to those sensible questions kept my expectations reasonably at bay. In the end I realized that a lot of the things that I wanted were totally unnecessary. The venue was already a lovely space on its own so any additional adorning would have only created excess work for me.

I could have surrendered some of my control and allowed Karina to design my wedding completely, but I didn't spend days of my life Pinning obsessively for no reason. I'm not the most artsy person, but I do consider myself to be creative and I was looking forward to adding my own splash of creativity to the wedding. I wanted to have a hand in every single detail, I just didn't know how some of those details would come to fruition. Even though I needed Karina mainly for day-of-coordination, she (thankfully) still consulted me throughout the entire wedding process and helped my visions materialize.

I know that Karina was just doing her job, but there is no way the day would have gone as smoothly as it did without her. Coordination of the wedding day was a lot for one person to handle on their own, and if Karina felt overwhelmed, I couldn't tell. She completely maintained a sense of cool, calm and control throughout the entire day which is exactly what the bride and groom need on their wedding day.

Because we are such a silly bunch of grown-ups, I found it amusing that Karina took us serious. I so appreciate her dedication to making our day as wonderful as it was. My only regret is that in all of the mayhem of the day, Karina and I weren't able to get a photo together - I have a tendency to become attached, can you tell? But as Karina wonderfully stated, "We’ll have the rest of our lives to create memories and take photos together..."

Up Next: The Details