Tuesday, October 4, 2022

I absolutely love this quote! Books can be nostalgic. Like smells and like songs, they have the power to swiftly transport us backwards to a memory so vivid, it can be as if we are physically standing in a scene of our previous life. There are so many special books that remind me of the various phases and directions my life has taken.

One of the things I loved about Eight Perfect Murders (besides the awesome list of books), was that the main character worked in a bookstore; And as a cat lover, I truly appreciated that, Nero, the cat had a huge presence throughout the story. 

If my future retirement doesn't go as planned and bookstores still exist by the time I am a senior (and I truly hope they do), working in a bookstore will be a senior career venture of mine. To be honest, I almost submitted an application to the New York Public Library a few months ago. The only thing that stopped me was that a job offer came along that took me in a different direction. Apparently, my subconscious is already trying to jump start my senior retirement career. 


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