Monday, July 25, 2011

Restaurant of the Month – Tequillaville

My fifth featured Restaurant of the Month is Tequillaville:

12 Vanderbilt Avenue
(Between 42nd and 43rd Streets)
New York, NY 10017
Cuisine: Mexican

It wouldn’t be right for me to have my Book Sign & Mingle event at without including Tequillaville as one of my Restaurant of the Month posts.

Gia introduced me to Tequillaville and what I love most about this restaurant is the Cheers atmosphere as the staff is familiar with us and most of the patrons who are regulars.

I happened to be there the Friday before Halloween last year and the entire staff and some customers were decked out in Halloween costumes. Music was playing, people were dancing and laughing; there was just a good time jovial vibe. And even when it isn’t a Halloween, I always have a good time at this place.

The manager, Nestor is very nice and accommodating and Jorge, the bartender, always remembers what we like to eat and what we like to drink. He always comes around for last call before happy hour ends, which a lot of other places won’t do.

Tequillaville’s Happy Hour, which is in the bar area and sometimes extends to the upper level, is Monday-Wednesday from 11:30am – 8pm; Thursday-Friday from 11:30am – 7pm and Saturday from 1pm – 7pm. I find it interesting that their happy hour starts so early during the work week, Lol.

The happy hour special varies from day to day, but it’s usually ½ price margaritas, beers, potato skins, nachos and wings.

I can’t give a review on anything besides the margaritas and the potato skins which is mainly what I go there for. Lame, I know I should try something different, but as I said, I am loyal and my loyalty also extends to food.

I have yet to taste better potato skins anywhere else. Some places make their potato skins with bacon that is still a little soggy. At Tequillaville, the bacon is baked until crispy on top of cheese covered baked potatoes.

There is a stereotype that black people are known for liking chicken, and I do, but I do not like wings. I feel like they are a waste of time and energy for that little bit of meat. So it’s potato skins for me all the way.

There is a juke box is the bar area of the restaurant so it can get a little loud, but because I feel so at home here, I don’t mind the noise at all. It is a bar, so I expect it to get noisy. And the bathrooms are clean. He-he!

If you are free tomorrow, at 6:00pm, please visit me at Tequillaville to purchase a signed copy of Undies in a Bunch. Have a drink, and stay a while.

Visit Menu Pages for more of their menu options.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow and maybe I won’t. Either way, happy eating!


PS: Don't forget to visit Danfredo Rivera, for a chance to win a signed copy of Undies in a Bunch!

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