Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Six: Five Foods

1.  I love pork; and I would never give it up unless the doctor told me that I would die if I ate another slice of bacon. Bacon and pernil are my favorite forms of pork. I made my first pernil last Christmas. Because it was my first time making it, the preparation was time consuming, but now that I know what to expect, this year's pernil should easier to prepare. Cold, day old pernil is also yummy! I could have made a Cuban sandwich, empanadas and so many other dishes with the leftovers, which is what I planned on doing, but the second I set that pan down after taking it out of the fridge and began peeling the pork off the bone, there was no need for tupperware. That pernil didn't stand a chance.

2.  Pasta: I love, love, love pasta. I love pasta because it is so easy to make and it's so versatile. It can be eaten with ground beef, chicken, veggies; with alfredo or tomato sauce or with garlic infused olive oil. Angel hair is my favorite, but I love tortellini, ravioli and everything that goes into making lasagna.

3. Breakfast: Next to Breakfast at IHOP, I love Breakfast at Louise's. This includes buttermilk pancakes, bacon, eggs and home fries, served with your choice of coffee, tea or a mimosa. I love making breakfast and I love eating it even more. I make pumpkin, buttermilk pancakes around Thanksgiving and now that I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering why I only make pumpkin pancakes in November... There's no rule that says I can't make them all year round. I feel a Saturday brunch special coming on.

4.  Potatoes: I love baked potatoes, french fries, mashed potatoes, home fried potatoes. I can just eat potatoes by themselves with nothing else. Potatoes are another food that I love in various forms; which reminds me that I have some red potatoes in the fridge. Eggs and home fries for breakfast tomorrow!

5. Red Velvet Cake: Specifically, from Buttercup Bake Shop or Cake Man Raven. Sometimes there is a bitter aftertaste with red food coloring, but these two places got it RIGHT! Neely's BBQ Parlor's Red Velvet Cake was also delish. No bitter aftertaste. I've only had Cake Man's red velvet once because I don't really travel to Brooklyn too often; and the friend I was visiting had a supply of Cake Man's Red Velvet slices to share with me... but, it looks like I just might have found the recipe online... I know better than to think that an establishment would actually give away their money making recipe for free, but it's on the Timeout New York website, so it must be so... It may be the actual recipe and it may not, either way, I can't wait to make it!

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