Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge – Day Ten: One Picture of Yourself

Aw, it’s the last day of the 10 Day Challenge. Here is my photo:

The story behind this photo:

My friend, Beatrice, asked me and two other friends to pose for photos that she will be using on her photography website once it launches. Our friend Niketta was responsible for the hair and the makeup for this photo shoot and for the Undies in a Bunch photo shoot. Getting dressed and having someone do your hair and makeup should be relaxing, but I remember being exhausted at the end of the day. I can’t imagine how Beatrice and Niketta felt because they were the ones who were doing the actual work. All I did was stand / sit where I was told. Regardless of the exhaustion, the photo shoot was a lot of fun and I hope to pose for more photos for Bea. in the future; I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head.

If those heffas ever get around to answering my questions, I plan on featuring both Beatrice and Niketta in Friends with Benefits, but I’ll let them off the hook for the time being because they are both busy bees.

It was fun sharing all of these silly, fun facts about myself. To those who read them, thank you for allowing me to share and thank you for the positive feedback. And to those who were not paying attention to my 10 Day You Challenge, fart noise to you!

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