Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Five: Six Places

1.  IHOP: I love breakfast and I love breakfast even more when someone else is making it for me. It’s not the same as when I make it, but not having a kitchen to clean afterwards doesn’t hurt. I LOVE their pancakes. I found a recipe online that’s pretty close, but it’s not the same. Damn you IHOP for keeping your pancakes a secret. They are the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted. Even better than my own.

2.  Chateau Quackenbush: Chateau Quackenbush is the home of a very good friend of mine. Visiting her is like being at a hotel, a spa and a restaurant all in one. Her home is spectacular, and she is the best hostess because she doesn't allow me to lift a finger the entire time I am there except to wash my body. Her bathroom is like a spa haven and the second I close the bathroom door behind me, time stops, but only for me. Everyone else is probably wondering how long I’m going be in the bathroom and how much water one person can possibly use. This is a house, where we pay for water!! At the end of it all there is dinner served with a cocktail. Why do I even go back to my own home? I should just hide in one of her closets and only come out to steal her food and wine when everyone is sleeping.

3.  Isla Verde, Puerto Rico: My first solo vacation has been the best thing that I have done with myself and for myself all year. Well besides the release of Undies in a Bunch and learning how to drive. For those who didn’t read my blog about my fabulous vacation, click here.

4.  My mom’s house: I love going there because I don’t have to cook that night or the next night. There is always good, homemade food available and she always packs me a goody bag of food or extra things she has lying around the house. I love being babied a little while I am there.

5.  Miami, Florida: I love it there! I always stay at the Richmond Hotel, which is cozy and close to everything; The beach, the strip, Walgreens and CVS (I love a pharmacy on vacation), Lincoln Road, where all the restaurants are; and there is a bus that stops outside the hotel that takes you straight to… IHOP! I love how easy it is to get around there, even without a car.

6.  My home: I love it! It’s one of my most favorite places to be. My home is my oasis. It’s comfortable, cozy, relaxing and most importantly, it’s mine! There’s just no place else like it.

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