Sunday, September 4, 2011


Thank you so much for your interest in advertising with the one and only, Louise Cazley. I am very honored!

I began this blog as an extension of my writing and also to promote myself and my latest book Undies in a Bunch. But this blog world has become an extremely fun place where in addition to promoting myself, I’ve met some wonderfully amazing and inspirational people.

I’m just starting out with advertising so I have two ad sizes available…for now. We’ll see how this goes.

Your ad space options are as follows:

Large Space - $15

Small Space - $10

All of the billing is processed through Paypal and must be received and approved before your product or shop is featured on the blog. Your advertising campaign will be featured on the 1st of the month, and will run for as long as you pay me to run it!

What does this ad get me, you ask? I will big you up on my blog, facebook and on twitter to get your business some bizniz!

If you would like more details about advertising with Louise Cazley, please feel free to email me:

Please include your name, your links and a brief summary about who you are and what you do, pertaining to your ad.

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