Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Luisa Crazy

Please forgive me for this vain and superficial post.

I wrote a blog last week about how much I love my hair and how after cutting it to a short length last year, I’m finally so happy to have it back to the length it is and how I’m never cutting it again, unless I’m trimming it…. bla, bla. I didn’t get a chance to publish the blog and it’s a good thing because what did I do after promising that I’m never cutting my hair again?? I took a scissors to my own hair to trim my bangs. I’ve done this numerous times and it’s always worked out well, but this time I went a tad too far with the snipping. Not too bad… bad enough, but it was fixable. Let me explain.

Besides Mercedes, my numero uno hair dresser, I don’t allow anyone else to style my hair. The hair salon I go to now is conveniently located around the corner from where I live. It’s so close that there are no streets to cross, I hardly ever have to wait and I am always home at a reasonable hour.

Mercedes’ salon is… um, (choosing my words carefully) it’s a little far, there is a lengthy wait and there is always a lot of ‘activity’ in the salon. And by ‘activity’ I mean whatever you want to call ‘activity’. If you can think it, I’m pretty sure it has happened at Mercedes’ salon. Just know that if you visit Mercedes’ salon your hair will look FABULOUS, no matter what sex or nationality you are. Mercedes can do hair!!

Anytime I have allowed someone else to cut my bangs, they have done a terrible job, so for years, in between visits to Mercedes, I have trimmed my own bangs and gotten compliments on the great job I’ve done. And although last week I proclaimed that I was never cutting my hair again, I now had to go to my lady around the corner to fix my mishap. I didn’t tell her what I’d done, I just asked her to trim my ends. But when she got to the short sections of hair extending from where my bangs should have ended, she asked, “Luisa, wha-happen?” in her Dominican accent. I could see that she thought I’d cheated on her with Mercedes again, but if she knew Mercedes like I do, she’d know that Mercedes would never do such a sloppy ass job.

I explained what happened and she replied, “Luisa, you no work en beauty parlor!” She fixed my hair, though. In between head shakes, sighs and calling me Luisa Crazy, she did damn good damage control.

Luisa Crazy… I think I like it. Funny thing is she doesn’t even know how close ‘crazy’ is to my last name.

Maybe I needed this hair mishap to allow me to trust others with my hair. Mercedes isn’t the only one alive who knows how to work magic with my strands. I know that, but in my heart of hearts, no one can hold a candle to Mercedes.

Here is the short version of last week's superficial blog:

My hair was like this…

(I'm not naked, I have a strapless shirt on, thank you very much...)

But I wanted a new look, so I cut it into a slanted bob, like this…

Although I love long hair, I wanted to try something new again.
So once it got to this…

I cut it shorter than I ever have, like this…

It was shorter than in this photo; and I loved it at first, but later ached for my longer hair and repeatedly asked myself WHY!!! WHY did I cut my hair to such a short length?!?!

It’s almost been a year since I snipped inches off my hair and I’m so excited that it's growing back! But that's what hair does. It grows.... Anyway, the same antsy itch that made me cut my hair last year came a knocking this weekend; but I made a promise to myself that I’m not cutting my hair again unless I’m styling or trimming it. So to satisfy my antsy itch, I bought a bottle of Semi-Permanent hair color in Copper Brown.

I love my original hair color so I don’t want to commit to a permanent color. Plus, I relax my hair so all of that coloring isn’t good.

The color isn’t Copper Brown to me. It’s more of a burgundy and because my hair was brown to begin with, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I did anything unless it caught the light. But for $4.99, I satisfied my itch. Next time, I’ll probably cut my bangs or something… I don’t know why I can’t just leave my hair alone...

That was my mistake right there; committing in writing to cutting my bangs at some point in the near future. She's right. Luisa is Crazy.

~Luisa Crazy.
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