Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bath and Body Works - Sleep Vanilla Cinnamon Body Lotion

I know I said that I wasn't buying anymore lotion (See blog here), and I didn't. I promise! But Bath and Body Works keeps sending me coupons with damn good deals. I'm such a sucka. Anyway, the latest coupons were for a free travel sized Aromatherapy lotion and 20% off one item (Which I used for my Lavender Vanilla Hand Soap).

To my delight, Bath and Body Works has added two new lotions to their Aromatherapy selections: Vanilla Cinnamon and Night Time Tea. Both damn good delicious scents! Mmmm!

I was able to control myself by using my coupon for one lotion (the Vanilla Cinnamon) and walking out without the other. I'm pretty sure there are more coupons coming my way. Apparently Bath and Body Works likes to keep me coming back for more... and I plan to.

To smooth, soft skin and obsessions!

~Louise C.

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