Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No More Caffeine After Noon

I dedicated Undies in a Bunch to my dreams because I love them. My dreams are sometimes scary, sometimes lovely; a subconscious origination or a continuation of something I have seen or read.

Dreams are like a movie projected onto the back of your eyelids, but this movie is ingenious because it was created by you. In reality you aren't seeing anything because your dreams take place with slumbered imagination. I find them awesome and amazing.

I don’t know if this comes with age, but I find myself becoming more sensitive to certain things. Certain over the counter meds have a bad effect on me and caffeine seems to linger longer in my system keeping me up at night.

Two days ago, I filled about 1/3 of a cup with coffee thinking that there was no way this tiny bit of coffee would affect me. That night, I fell asleep somewhere around 11pm as usual and had no problems falling asleep; but I was jolted awake at 1am by a cloudy dream of me being on the 6 train platform and somehow still passing the stop where I was supposed to get off. The 6 train I was supposed to be on, passed over my head on an elevated platform above the elevated (moving) platform I was already standing on.

The frustration from my dream must have been what woke me up. I turned on the television and set it to shut off in 30 minutes. I dozed off shortly after and ended up in a hair salon with my mom in the South Bronx getting a Wave Nouveau (A curly perm, which I sported in my teens) applied to my hair. I left my mom at the hair salon, but hopped on the 2 train and headed to her house. Once I got off the train at 149th and 3rd Ave., I realized that it was 4am and suddenly felt alarmed about walking the two blocks from the train to her house at that hour.

There is a church on 150th and Melrose Avenue called Immaculate Conception and once I hit that block, I got flooded by bright, high beam lights from car which jumped the sidewalk (in the opposite direction of the traffic flow) to ‘playfully’ run me down. There were no other cars on the street, just the one trying to run me down. I looked over my shoulder at the driver before I started running and the expression on his face was snide as if he found humor in my fear.

Once I began running, he turned his car around and drove away from me in the correct direction of the traffic flow. I didn't stop running until I hit my mom's block, but then I heard guys yelling and asking where the girl went. (In my dream I was called a girl, not a woman…okay?) I knew they were looking for me. When I looked behind me, I could see about three guys running in my direction and somehow I knew that they were with the guy who was in the car.

Usually if someone is chasing me in a dream, I can't run, and in this dream I felt like I wasn’t moving fast enough, but I made it to my mom’s building before the guys caught up with me. I didn’t need a key to get into her building, but the door still locked behind me.

When I got to my mom’s floor, the oldest of my two younger brother’s (Marc) had the door already opened for me. In my dream, my brothers were little again. Marc is 22, but in my dream he was 6. Asher is 20, but in my dream he was 4.

I bent down and gave Marc a tight hug.

“How did you know to have the door open?” I asked him.

“I knew you were coming.” He replied.

I was so relieved to be safe.

Although I knew the door was locked, I still turned around to put the chain on the door, but the chain was missing.

I woke up at 3am scared, sweating and thinking that I need to go back to church. It made no sense at all, but that's just what crossed my mind.

After I told Edward my dream he said, “You need to start writing these dreams down, lady. You could be the next Stephen King.” But I don’t want to have dreams with people chasing me. I love all of my dreams, but I’d prefer to have them be more relaxing because I hate waking up all stressed out. I have enough stress in my awake life.

Either way I wrote down what I could remember of the dream. I couldn’t get back to sleep until after 4:30. I’m too old to be missing out on sleep on a week night! So after noon, I won’t be sipping on anything caffeinated; unless it’s Friday.

Because my sleep was all jacked up from the night before, I was sleepy by 8:30 last night. I almost… almost made it to 10, but when I went to bed last night, I slept like a baby.

~Louise C.
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