Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles in Writing

When it comes to writing, I have A LOT to say. My friends make fun of me and my ‘letters’ which I have written to anyone who has ever pissed me off. I have written letters to companies who, service wise, gave me less than I thought I deserved; and I have written letters to friends who thought they could pull one over on me. For some reason, writing makes people listen. I got the apartment I currently live in by writing a letter (they were giving me the runaround). Writing a letter can also be intimidating to others, but if you know me well, you know that I mean no harm. Writing is just my form of expression.

Because I have a lot to say (in writing) I never have a problem coming up with topics for my blog. I find inspiration in every experience and in every aspect of my life. I have a folder in my email with numerous pending blogs. Just sometimes, my mind moves faster than I can, and I only have time to shoot myself a note with a paragraph on the topic for further completion. Some blogs are pending due to the content. I want to write about certain (sexy, indecent) things, but I just need to figure out how to share without getting into trouble and maintaining my ladylikeness. A true lady would never discuss things pertaining to vaginas and farts so I guess I am no lady. Oh well…

Because I have been giving most of my writing attention to this fabulous blog, I haven’t been able to give my third book the attention it deserves. I will definitely get to it, because once something enters my mind, I do everything I can to bring that thought to reality.

Blogging is like exercise for my writing game, because (in my opinion) the more you write, the better of a writer you become.

With all of the expressing of myself that I like to do, I seldom suffer from writer’s block, but there are times when I feel like what I am writing isn’t melding the way I would like or a paragraph just doesn’t sound right or is missing a certain something. Writing is fun for me, so the second it begins to feel stressful, I know it’s time to take a break. Shutting down and taking a walk or even disengaging for 30 minutes helps. You come back with a clearer, stress free mind and when you are relaxed, good things can happen; good words can flow.

Another problem I run into with my writing is having the time to write, and sometimes not feeling like it. But the solution is to write even when you don’t feel like it. (This tip came from Edward. Gotta give him props otherwise I won’t hear the end of it). You might think that writing even when you’re not feeling inspired might not produce your best work, but you might surprise yourself. Once you sit down and begin writing, things could go in a direction you never expected, leaving you with a finished product way better than you originally imagined. Or you could end up with a first draft, improve a seventieth draft or add length to an unfinished project. Even a minimal amount of writing counts!

What are some of the obstacles you run into with your writing and how do you overcome them? Do Share.

Check out this blog ‘How to Write’ for a humorous take on writer’s block.

And Happy Writing to You!

~Louise C.
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  1. For me its all about time! With two kids and a fulltime job it gets hard to find time so.i create time!!! Lol. I write during lunch, I waittill are asleep.or I wake early! I may lose sleep.but I get it done!

  2. For me, the issue has been actually starting. I'm not talking about my blog because you know that I have no problem coming up with stuff for that site every day. The issue is my book...I need to start it.

    I've been saying for years that I am going to write a book and I have 2983570239587 ideas for it, but the issue has been sitting down, opening up a Word document and actually starting it. I am so serious about writing this book that I made it one of my goals for the year. Now that I see it on a to-do list, it *has* to happen. It will happen...