Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December and Happy Holiday Season!!

I can’t believe it’s December already!! The years seem to be moving along way too fast. Either that, or I’m just getting old.

Although Christmas doesn’t feel the way it used to, I still make a big deal about it in hopes that the spirit will fill me again.

I always, always send out Christmas cards and I usually spend the last week of November writing up my cards. I print out my Christmas card excel spreadsheet, my address labels and then go to town, highlighting names off my spreadsheet as I address envelopes. By December 1st, my Christmas cards are all stamped and ready to be dropped in the mail. I take my Christmas carding very serious.

Last year, I stocked up on Christmas cards during the after Christmas sale, so when November rolled around, I expected to spend the last week as usual filling out cards… that is, until I won a family portrait photo shoot with the fabulous Isabelle Selby!!

I’ve been so good at not spending money lately, but with the awesomeness of the photos, there is NO WAY I can leave them just sitting on a disk. I have to treat myself to professional Christmas cards, just this once!

I’ve always wanted to send out a family Christmas card… didn’t think Edward would be up for it, but he totally proved me wrong. Take a look:

Mrs. Claus is looking good, aint she? And I guess the dude with her is pretty okay too…

A few things about Isabelle (the photographer): Although I love to be in pictures (whip out a camera and I’m cheesing all the way) when I am put on the spot with a professional photo situation, it takes me a bit to loosen up. The fact that I am not relaxed shows on my face and it will be obvious, in the photos, that my smile is forced and not genuine.

I’ve only spent 40 minutes of my life with Isabelle, but I can tell that she is one cool ass chick. In a professional photo shoot, I need to be directed and Isabelle took charge and directed Edward and I while still maintaining a relaxed, fun vibe. If your photographer is stressed or frustrated, you will sense that and also become stressed; and no one wants to see stress in their photos, because it will show up in your prints.

Isabelle has a great sense of humor which makes you feel at ease and adds to the pureness of the smiles and effortlessness in your photos.

Isabelle also convinced Edward to don the Santa hat, which he absolutely swore would not go anywhere near his head.

Now that Isabelle, she is truly a miracle worker.

The photo shoot was so much fun and Isabelle is great! I honestly felt like I was hanging out with one of my long time friends. That’s how comfortable she makes you feel!

If you have the chance, you should definitely book a photo shoot with Isabelle. Do it! Do it!

Visit Isabelle Selby Photography to see more of Isabelle’s work. And also check out the ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoot on Danfredo Rivera.

Happy December and Happy Holiday Season!!

~ Louise C.

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  1. Louise, this is such a sweet post. I'm honored! You + Edward were to easy to work with and it's true - I felt like we already knew each other! Hope to see you around again sometime soon! xo