Thursday, December 13, 2012

It’s the Little Things…

I am very (VERY) easy to please so when my friend Beverly sends me candy filled cards, like this...

...the kid in me gets really delighted and the adult in me gets warm in the heart.

The history on Beverly:

Beverly is the mother of my ex-boyfriend’s best friend (you got that??).

In my twenties, while my mother and I weren't doing so well with each other, without knowing it, this woman stepped in and became my mother.

She welcomed me into her home, fed me often, gave me her ear when I needed to unload and lent me her couch to sit on when I just needed to escape and be quiet. The day my relationship ended, I fled to her couch where I sat quietly for hours until I could get my shit together and go home.

Beverly offered me warmth, comfort and a safe haven at times when I needed it most. She gave me a family to spend the holidays with and included me in all important family events even though she had a family of her own to focus on.  

Beverly gave me something to be a part of when there wasn't a place for me to be.We don’t see each other or talk as much as we used to, but she will always be an extra mom to me. (You can never have too many moms.)

I feel so blessed to have people like Beverly, who were once strangers become family to me over the years. They fill the empty pockets in my life, by making me a part of theirs.

~ Love Louise C.

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