Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Couch Potato Sessions: Friends from College - Netflix

My friendships have always been extremely important to me. I cherish and value them deeply and the friendships that value and cherish me deeply have lasted decades. As we get older and life takes over, you tend to connect less often. Some friendships are strong enough to survive life’s evolutions and some aren’t. Although I still have very good friendships, the crowd I used to run with has dwindled dramatically. Life is a bit lonelier because of the decline, but my life has become so precious to me that I only have room for those who can roll with me as I am. I’m going through a lot of hard things and I need friends who can free me from myself with laughter, love and a little bit of wine never hurts.

On a day when I really needed a friend I went looking for some on Netflix and I found Friends from College. The comical yet dysfunctional dynamic they have with each other elevates their bond beyond friendship and makes them family. I related so much to different characters at various phases of their lives. I especially related to Episode 4 of Season 1 - it was like watching my life (verbatim) on screen. I 
love that they shot in New York. It made my friendship with these folks believable as they frequented streets, restaurants and clinics I’m very familiar with. I promise I really do have real life friends.

There are only two seasons of Friends from College, and although it doesn’t seem like they will, I really hope they shoot more seasons. I thought the series was awesome and amazing! (And I miss my friends.)

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