Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing Restaurant of the Month - Patois

Restaurant of the Month began for me five years ago. Four of my friends and I decided to meet every month at a different restaurant in which we would each have a turn at choosing.

Restaurant of the Month had a very successful four-year run, but due to my friends having babies and buying houses too far from the city (the nerve), Restaurant of the Month is no more.

Because I have been blessed with the good fortune of having more than four friends, I continued the yummy venture of introducing and being introduced to many different cuisines and restaurant deals throughout New York City.

I don’t know what type of high society princess I think I am, but I love dining at restaurants. It is such a cozy and soothing experience to sit down with good company with the sole purpose of stuffing your face, laughing and talking as your belly becomes full. I just really enjoy restaurants, especially in this city.

Food is an important part of my life. Whether I am dining at a restaurant or I am the cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner, eating is not a chore or something I do because I need to survive. I respect my taste buds and I take them very seriously. Eating is an experience that brings me lots of pleasure.

I love preparing and serving food to myself and to others, and as a self proclaimed good cook, the rewards of my labor are in the tasty, delicious results of my meals. The taste of food is what I live for regardless of whether I am dining in or out, but I will save my love for cooking for a separate blog. This 'Restaurant of the Month' blog, is about dining out. I need to stay focused. I like food... I'm sure everyone got the point.

My first featured Restaurant of the Month is Patois:

177 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
(Corner of Mulbery Street and Broome Street)
Cuisine: French / Italian

Patois won me over with their Thursday, ladies night happy hour. See their flyer below:

The service is good, as the waiters are charming and polite, the food is always delicious, and even though each lady gets two free appetizers to herself, the appetizers are meal-sized. This depends on what your eating portions are, but there is always food leftover and I always leave this place stuffed.

All drinks are ½ off for ladies (on Thursdays), even if the drink you wish to order isn't on the drink menu. I’m not a big drinker, but everyone I have visited Patois with has agreed that the drinks are made very well. What I can say about the drinks is that although they are great, I can only have one. I'm a lightweight.

I have also been to Patois for Brunch. See their brunch menu:

For $12.95 (plus tax and the service charge) you get the brunch of your choosing, two mimosas or one bloody mary (I don't know what a bloody mary is, the description sounded gross, but I'll try it one day) and a cup of coffee. I didn't have room for coffee after everything else I had for brunch, but that is a delicious deal!

With a restaurant deal as great as Patois', you would expect to have to wait to be seated, but Patois is never crowded. It might be crowded soon, with people like me blabbing about how great their restaurant is.

Visit their website to view more of their tasty options.

Happy eating!

~Louise C.

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