Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day One: Ten Secrets

Adventures of Modern Mom roped me into this challenge. I wasn’t going to do it because even though writing about myself should come easy to me, it is HARD! But this is for fun, so why not:

1.  I talk to myself and inanimate objects. If the server is slow loading whichever page I’m trying to get to, I start saying things like “Come ON!”, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”, “I can’t believe this B.S.” If I’m mad about something and there is no one there to listen I will just sit there mumbling (or yelling) about how upset I am by myself until I get the anger out. Or if I have a thought sometimes I’ll say it out loud even though no one is there to hear me. I’ve always been that way and my mom thought I was crazy because of it, but I don’t care. I talk to myself.

2.  I love the dark and sometimes even after the sun has gone down, I’ll just navigate my way around with just the light of the TV.

3.  But after a scary dream or a really scary movie I have to sleep with my bedside lamp on.

4.  In the morning, one of the first things I do is let one rip. I guess I build a lot of air pressure while I’m horizontal so as soon as I stand up all of that air has to escape. (He-he)

5.  Although my life doesn’t reflect this and I haven’t been to church in a very long time, I believe and agree with everything in the Bible. This isn’t really a secret, but just something that most people wouldn’t think about me because I just let people be. I’m a conservative person with a liberal-ish mindset so I wouldn’t ever force anyone to believe what I believe, especially since I’m not even living life the way the Bible says I should.

6.  I do not like mingling or socializing even though I have a lot of friends and people in my life. If there is a gathering, I find comfort blending into the wall or the chair or whatever object I find to hold me up. I don’t ask questions like ‘What do you do?’ or ‘How do you know so and so?’ because I really don’t care. Because of this strange attitude I have, people don’t remember meeting me if they see me again. Or they get offended because I come across as standoffish and stuck up. I can’t explain why I am like this. It’s rude and I really am a very nice person.

7.  I have private parties by myself. I don’t schedule them or anything (Ha-ha). Sometimes when I’m cleaning and I have the music playing, the beat gets me and I can’t help but bust a move and then another and then another until there is more dancing than cleaning taking place. The people who live across from me must be really entertained because I don’t close the blinds when I do this.

8.  When I’m on the train and I don’t have a book to read, I sometimes judge people on their appearance. I’ll decide what their home looks like, what type of friends they have, whether they have a good relationship or not (if I’m watching a couple). I enjoy making up fictitious lives for strangers, even though I don’t realize I’m doing it until they’re getting off the train and I’m like “But wait, we were just getting to know each other so well..."

9.  I think of myself as a big girl even though I’m not. And I’m always surprised when I realize that I’m a size 6 and not a 10. I don’t know why I always think of myself as a big girl.

10.  I love to sing and probably would have been a performer or some sort if I would have had the proper training. Dancing and singing are what I think I should have been doing with my life, and although my voice is good, it’s not strong enough. As for dancing, there is nothing like the feeling of being on stage. I hope I get the opportunity to perform again one day.

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  1. Number 6 and 7 are so me. Number 6 is rude . . . I think its a defense mechanism I built while growing up in the Bronx. When I went off to college and people tried asking me questions, or wanted to know more or expected me to follow up with questions . . . I thought they were crazy . . . they thought I was rude.