Monday, August 15, 2011

Fashion & Style

I am not a fashion blogger nor am I trying to be a fashion blogger. Committing to fashion blogging is way too overwhelming and although I strive to be stylish, I am just not that stylish; I simply love clothes and I’ve always had way more clothes than my closet has allowed.

It took me some time to develop my own sense of style and to figure out what worked with my body type. Being comfortable in my skin combined with numerous subscriptions to magazines have had a good and bad influence on me. Bad because if I see something that I don’t have, but want, I make sure that the item becomes mine. Good because a fashion magazine can help you to make good use of items you already have, by putting them together in ways that you never would have thought; thus eliminating a shopping trip

For example:

Of course the outfits aren’t exactly the same, I could never afford what Eva Longoria is wearing, but it just gave me the idea of how I could wear what I already have in my closet.

My entire outfit is from H&M. I LOVE that place! I can’t explain what happens to me when I go in there and sometimes I have to ban myself if I am on a money saving kick. As I said, if I see something I want, I will buy it. I have no self control when it comes to shopping.

Anyway, I love H&M for their ability to cater to different age groups, for the fact that their merchandise is inexpensive, yet not cheaply made and for their classic pieces that never go out of style. Some might disagree with me about H&M being great, but H&M is my number one place to shop.

I love the skirt I am wearing in the photo because it has an elastic band around the waist and because the material is stretchy. Because I have a big booty and a small waist, I have a terribly depressing time finding skirts and pants that fit. I love pencil skirts, but I am not a pencil shaped woman; so I am thankful to this skirt for working with my shape.

I am a nut who has to buy everything in multiple colors, so I own the shirt(s) in three colors:

The shirts and the skirt cost $24.95 each, if I remember correctly, and just shows that you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like a star! I’m just kidding, but you don’t have to shell out big bucks to look presentable in your own way, and with what you already have to work with in your closet.

~Louise C.
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