Friday, August 12, 2011

Louise's Restaurant Picks - Lucy's Cantina Royale

Let’s face it; Restaurant of the Month no longer applies so I’ll be changing Restaurant of the Month to Louise’s Restaurant Picks.

When I began writing the Restaurant of the Month blogs I wasn’t sure how often I would post a blog recommending a restaurant. Apparently more than once a month. I knew that I loved restaurants, but I didn’t realize how long my list actually is.

With that said, My seventh featured Restaurant Pick is Lucy’s Cantina Royale:

1 Penn Plaza (34th Street)
(Corner of 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10119
Cuisine: Mexican

I didn’t get to dine at Lucy’s Cantina Royale with the friend who introduced me to the restaurant because the night we decided to dine there, which was a Thursday night, the place was packed and loud. Packed and loud is the way a good bar should be, but we were in the mood for a more serene experience. Regardless, I made sure that I took myself back there.

If you work in the area, Lucy’s Cantina Royale is a great place to take your lunch break, especially in the summertime when their rooftop seating area is open. Although you are surrounded by the city, the rooftop area of the restaurant gives you the feeling that you are dining on the beach.

The lower level reminds me of a surf shop with a beachy bar, which also adds to the feel that you are at the beach and not smack in the middle of the city. There is also an outdoor seating area at the back of the restaurant, but I haven’t been seated there yet.

The restaurant reminds me of the Saved by the Bell summer series where Leah Remini was Zack’s love interest and the cast was working at the Malibu Beach Club, which is totally beside the point, but it gives you an idea of the feel of the restaurant.

The waitresses’ uniforms are quite attractive. All waitresses are wearing short, blue halter dresses, with white Hawaiian flowers printed on the fabric, a red belt and tan cowboy boots. I love their uniform and I’m sure men do too.

I haven’t been here too often, but from the menu I’ve only had the Pulled Chicken Tacos served in a Soft, Corn Tortilla with Pico de Gallo and Shredded Lettuce. I have also had the Honey Corn Bread with Jalapeño Butter. Both are very tasty and their meals aren’t expensive at all.

See their menu:

Lucy’s Cantina has a happy hour special everyday from 4pm – 6pm, but happy hour only applies on the main floor, not on the rooftop. I didn’t really love their margarita, but their mojito and sangria were good.

If you have the time, eating lunch at Lucy’s Cantina Royale is a great way to break up your work day. It is also a great way to end your day or nice pretend escape on the weekend if you are able to snag rooftop seating.

Visit their website to view of their menu options.

Enjoy, and until next time, happy eating!

~Louise C.
Photos from Lucy's Cantina

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