Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Supporters

Because of the inappropriateness of some of my stories, I limited who I told about Undies in a Bunch once it was released. I prejudged everyone and came up with a number of words, none of them positive, to determine what certain people would think about me after reading my book; but some of my supporters have come in the most unlikely form.

After being encouraged by some friends who are also my coworkers, I made the decision to cautiously come out of the closet at work. I kept quiet, because I’m not trying to get fired for living this double life, but the most unexpected thing happened. I expect to relate to women of all races, but I didn’t expect for my book to relate to white men at all. Why? Because I am black and I am a woman. But everyone in general has enjoyed my book and has given me great feedback. Hearing the thoughts and feelings that my book has inspired makes me feel wonderful!

Who would think that lil ole’ me is inspirational! But that was the whole point behind everything that was written in Undies in a Bunch. To make others laugh, think, be inspired and encouraged to do whatever it is that makes you tick inside.

Having a man, no matter what color he is, come to me and say, ‘I really like your writing style.’ or ‘I enjoyed your stories, even your poems.’ makes me feel great! My favorite though, is the gentleman who covers his eyes every time he walks past my desk. He says he can’t look me in the eyes anymore after reading my story about um, self… pleasure… I don’t blame him. I don’t want to look him in the eyes either after knowing what he’s read.

People of all kinds giving me good feedback shouldn’t be a surprise to me. I love to read and the one thing that solidifies (for me) that I am a good writer is the fact that I actually enjoy reading what I write. I have a lot of confidence in myself otherwise I wouldn’t have put myself out there for all to read about. So why am I second guessing myself? The support and encouragement I’ve received has been like a much needed slap in the face. The second guessing stops today. There will be supporters and there will be critics. Both come with this territory. Expect both, hope for more of the good than the bad and keep moving forward.

That is my phrase of wisdom to myself for today.

Loving you!!

~Louise C.

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