Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friends with Benefits - Adventures of Modern Mom

The Friend: Zulay Fernandez.

The Benefit: The fabulous writer of the Adventures of Modern Mom Blog (And Blogger Technical Assistant to Louise Cazley).

About Zulay and me: I met Zulay in elementary school. We also went to the same junior high school, but we didn’t become really good friends until we began talking on MySpace, of all places. Z, I and three other ladies also talk smack to each other via email all day, every day; and when you spend so much time with someone, even virtually, you can't help but become closer. Especially with the topics of some of our email conversations. Well, this is my story; Z might have another story of how we became good friends.

When I think of what ‘close friends’ means to me, the people who first come to mind are those who mirror my values on friendship and respect for others. I’ve encountered a few people who abuse friendship and take it for granted, but I’ve also encountered many wonderful people. What seems to be happening on my venture into womanhood is that my quantity of friends is dwindling to make room for the quality friends. Zulay is quality, son!

The incident that earned Zulay a huge gold star of friendship on my friendship bulletin board (I don’t really have one of those) was during a time when Zulay came across some not so nice things that were said about me. And without me uttering a word about how I felt, she contacted me the first chance she had to get me out of my funk and to confirm that no matter what anyone said about me she knew who I was and my character spoke for itself. It might seem like a little thing to her, but that one phone call meant a lot to me.

Words do hurt. I don’t care what they say about sticks and stones. Who made that ish up anyway?? We should throw sticks and stones at them while telling yo’ mama jokes, then ask then if words hurt or not. But this is about Z, I need to focus. What I like about Zulay is that although she is a hardworking woman and a busy mom and wife, she always makes time for you if you need her.

Zulay is also one of my biggest cheerleaders where my writing is concerned. She supports all of my ideas and encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone by taking advantage of all available opportunities, because, as she always tells me, “You never know.”

Who is Zulay Fernandez?
I am a Development Officer, well at least that is my title. I am more of an office manager and bookkeeper by trade, but what I would love to do is write and plan parties for a living. Not sure if that goes hand in hand, but these are two of the things that I love to do. And I recently rediscovered my love of writing and, can you imagine, I am actually sort of good at it! Who knew!!!

When did writing become important to you?
When I was in the third grade, I believe, we were told to write a poem or something, I can't remember exactly what we were asked to write, and it was going to be submitted to this big citywide contest. I wrote a small poem about my dad, and the teacher really liked it so she submitted it. Well it got picked and I won a trophy, my poem was published in a journal and my family and I got to dress up and they called my name and everything; it was a big deal!

Has it been an easy or difficult road to follow your passion?
Well, yeah it’s been difficult. For years I didn’t write anything. I just didn't continue with it. I just went about the business of growing up and being me. It wasn't until I got on Facebook and became a mom that I began posting the crazy things that pregnancy, motherhood and having a kid does to you. People started taking notice. I would post something on my status and people would respond. My sister took notice and she told me that I should just have a blog. Well my sister is rarely wrong (if you tell her I will kill you) so that’s how my blog, Adventures of Modern Mom came about! It got a good response. I still find it hard to blog because now I have two kids, and my time is not my time anymore; but I really try to find time to do it.

I am not looking to get rich or famous, by blogging (although that would be nice). For me, it’s more therapeutic. I get to let out all my thoughts and feelings on my blog and people actually relate! Very surprising. I have people who email me all the time that they are totally glad that I shared, that my stories put a smile on their face, or that they were also going through my same issue and reading my perspective helped them!

Who / what inspires you?
Wow, who or what inspires me...? That's a long list. I must say that for Adventures of Modern Mom, the inspirations are my two daughters and husband! A lot of my blog is about them. If I didn't have them in my life all these crazy, wacky things would not be happening to me... not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. (I kid, I kid) Seriously, Adventures of Modern Mom came about because I am a wife and mother who is trying to find a balance while also trying to stay true to me.

For more information about Zulay Fernandez and Adventures of Modern Mom, please visit her blog, her Facebook Fan Page or follow her on twitter @advofmodernmom.

Feel free to contact Zulay if there is a mom you would like her to feature on her Mommy Spotlight, to recommend "Cool Finds" and fun, interesting activates to do with your kids; Or contact Zulay to share your story or to simply say hello:

I am not a mom, but Zulay’s stories are so relatable that you are guaranteed to connect with her experiences. Zulay is a true inspiration to me and it’s fantastic to have a close friend to go on this writing journey with. I wish her all the best in the future of her writing career!

~Louise C.
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  2. Those Lopez girls were just made of the best ingredients! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Melli Belli Lopez (Muñeca, another name I call her, lol) and I met Zulay at Fuerza Bruta and she was awesome too I must say :) <3