Monday, September 19, 2011

Spa Castle

This weekend I made a much needed visit to Spa Castle, a slice of paradise located in Queens, just 30 minutes away from where I live. If you haven’t been you have to go!

Spa Castle opens at 6am and for their general admission price of $35 during the week and $45 on the weekend, you can stay at Spa Castle all day and have unlimited time usage of their spa facilities until they close at midnight. Who wouldn’t want to visit this place!!

There is an extra cost for any ‘extras’ you might want to take advantage of. Some are worth it like the massages and body scrub sessions and some are for someone who has money to spend, like their manicure ($20) and pedicure ($40). I’m too thrifty for a $60 mani-pedi, but with just the general admission price, you have access to so much.

Most of the pools have massage force pulsing water shooting out at your body so if you wanted to call that getting a massage, you could.






The first floors are all men or all women, depending on which sex you are. If you aren’t comfortable being naked in front of people or seeing naked people, this floor is not the place for you. But you have to go there to change into your bathing suit and the uniform that everyone is required to wear once they leave the first floor. I have no problem with my nudity or the nudity of other women, so I feel right at home with all the T&A… and V floating around the place.

In the woman’s (nude) area, there are hot tubs, massage pools, saunas and the showers. The second floor has more saunas, a food court, and lots of lounge relaxation areas. Between the second and third floors is a quiet room where you can take a nap if you are worn out from all of the relaxing you’ve been doing. On the third floor, are indoor massage pools, a pool bar area, outdoor pools and an outdoor hot tub; and on the fourth floor there is a Korean restaurant, a bar and the fitness center.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I love any place that has food and drink. At the pool bar, I had my first Bahama Mama. It was STRONG. Just the way I like it. Working in the backwards fashion, after my friend and I got tipsy, we went up to the restaurant area and ordered a tasty, delish dish of Bulgogi: grilled marinated beef served with rice of your choosing. Before we left we ordered Mocha Bubble Tea to go. I should try another flavor of their bubble tea, but once I like something, I am totally faithful to it. I think they have vanilla bubble tea and coconut bubble tea and I promise to try them… maybe. The mocha is too damn good!

There are other Spa Castle locations opening up in Pennsylvania and Texas. Take a look at the Spa Castle located in the Pocono’s:

I know where I’m driving for my first road trip! But for a nice, easy mental escape, the Queens location is perfect! You'll even forget that you are in New York.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned all of the wonderful things this place has to offer, but my words cannot fully describe the greatness of Spa Castle. You just have to go and experience it for yourself!

Spa Castle:
131-10 11th Avenue
College Point, NY 11356

~Louise C.
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Photos from Spa Castle


  1. I keep saying I want to go but I haven't yet!! We may have to make a date to go!

  2. It is huge! That's it... When I eventually one day make it to New York I will go there.

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