Friday, October 14, 2011

The Curse of the Hourglass

For as much as I love to shop, I always have a horrendous, terrible time buying clothes. You wouldn’t be able to tell though, from the near boutique closet situation I have going on in my bedroom. And although I have tons and tons of clothes, I always find a reason to buy more, but this time I actually have a real need.

I need bottoms!!! I need bottoms badly, but mainstream fashion does not cater to women with curvy figures. And on top of being curvy, I also have the unfortunate privilege of being petite.

I absolutely love dresses, so during the summer I resolve this issue by wearing dresses and the few skirts I have found that are a good enough fit. This year, as fall approached, and I thought of the chilly days ahead, I felt a sinking in my chest because I knew I would have an issue finding pants to wear to work.

Because I have a small waist and a bootylicious booty, there is always, ALWAYS gapping in the waist of most pants and skirts that I try on in stores. It becomes so depressing and exhausting.

There are so many things that I have done to try and make bottoms work for me. I’ve taken my pants and skirts to the dry cleaners and had them taken in at the waist, but they’ve never really done a good enough job. There was always some weird bunching of fabric which wasn’t supposed to happen after I paid them to make my clothes fit correctly. And after I spend money buying my clothes, I don’t want to have to spend more on them to have them fixed. I’m just not rich enough for all of that.

I even bought a sewing machine to try and fix my pants and skirts on my own; and after a few nights of sewing and hemming as many pair as I could, the threading on the machine stopped working and I haven’t been able to fix it since. I’m sure my mom could fix the sewing machine in about five minutes, but I’ve given up on that thing.

Six years ago, I thought my troubles were over when the Gap came out with a Curvy line which was also available in ankle length. I bought just about every Curvy jean and trouser; and those pants aint cheap! They’re about $60 each. It’s nice to have an hourglass figure, but hourglass figures are expensive to clothe.

I love the Gap for their quality. I have jeans, sweaters and socks from 1998 when I used to work there, that are still in great condition. But what I don’t like is that although you can buy multiple items in the same cut, the cuts will vary in the way they fit. So from my bulk purchase of Curvy pants, only one pair of Curvy trouser pants had a consistent, perfect fit. The rest were included in my extreme clothing giveaways. Money poured down the drain.

I was wearing the ‘consistently perfect’ pair of Curvy trouser pants yesterday when I decided to venture into the Gap to try to find another pair as perfect as the ones I was wearing, but as my luck would have it, the Curvy line has been discontinued. The closest thing they had to Curvy was the Perfect Trouser.

I picked up a pair of the Perfect Trouser to try on in sizes eight and six. Although my body and waist are size four, my booty ranges between sizes six, eight and sometimes ten. The size six fit on the legs and thighs, but it was gaping at the waist, so I knew the eight would be too big. I asked for a size four, and although the waist of the size four was perfect, I looked indecent in the booty and thigh area. Plus, the Perfect Trouser fabric was too light. I need a sturdy fabric for all of this...

Last year, I found a pair of khakis (The Perfect Khaki) at Old Navy. They fit somewhat close to perfect, so I settled for them and made my usual bulk purchase in various colors. But the truth is that I don’t want to have to settle for a pair of pants that “almost” fit the way they are supposed to.

Although it seems like the fashion world is beginning to accept different figures, and it seems like they are trying by occasionally launching ‘curvy’ lines, the curvy lines never last. I need something consistent. I need variety and choices. I need bottoms that fit and I would love to have all of this without having to break my bank, but maybe this is wishful thinking.

Does anyone know where I can find small waist, booty friendly bottoms? Short of making my own clothes from scratch or launching my own fashion line (which isn’t in my plans), I don’t know what else to do. Help!

~Louise C.
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