Friday, October 21, 2011

WeezyCaze Knits - Infinity Scarf

Although the official start of fall was a month ago, it didn’t really kick in for me until today. Damn it’s cold out! I almost didn’t know which jacket to grab before stepping out the door. I usually make the wrong choice and end up freezing my buns off, but today I did myself well.

Anyway, UNDIES IN A BUNCH, and this wonderful blog, are both products of my jumbled brain. I have so many thoughts and ideas and I’m sometimes limited on how I can execute them, because my connections and time are limited. If only I could survive with out sleeping, I could conquer the world… Or a small section of it.

Today, I would like to share the newest product (The Infinity Scarf) on my ever growing Etsy shop:

If you like the Infinity Scarf, you may also like the Joined Scarf:

I have to give credit to my mama for teaching me how to knit. This shop would not exist if it wasn’t for her. She really should have her own shop… or maybe she shouldn’t because my shop wouldn’t stand a chance against her knitting/crocheting skills. I kid, I kid.

To see more items in my shop, click on the WEEZYCAZE KNITS button on the right or visit this link:

More items will be added to my shop in the coming weeks!!

~Louise C.

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