Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WeezyCaze Knits - Baby Blanket

A friend of mine had a baby boy five months ago and was way overdue for a present from me (bad Louise). Last week a suggested field trip to Michael’s with a friend was the perfect opportunity to pick up some supplies and finally make that gift.

I’ve always shied away from making blankets due to the enormous amount of work it seemed to entail, but this blanket took less than a week to make and was not at all tedious because I was able to knit while watching television.

I absolutely love the finished product so much that I almost want one for myself. It’s so plush, warm and cozy! Another reason why I love this blanket is because it is big enough to grow with the baby. He can use it as he grows into a toddler and his parents can also borrow it from him if, and only if, he allows them to.

The name label adds a nice, personal touch. 

I’m lazy with patterns so I didn’t follow one. I just looked at pictures of blankets and made a pattern up in my head. I’ll share my pattern with those of you who knit. This is a super easy project for beginners.

And as the hustler that I am, I am selling ‘made to order’ baby blankets on Etsy.

Now that I know I can make blankets, I plan on making many more. I have at least two other friends whom I owe blankets for their babies and I’m looking forward to the projects.

5 balls of super chunky yarn (I used Loops & Threads Cozy Wool)
US #13 needles (14 inch long or circular)

Cast on 60 stitches.
Knit seven rows to create garter stitch border.
Knit 4, purl 52, knit 4 until you reach the desired length that you would like the blanket to be.
To close off the border knit in the garter stitch for 7 rows and bind off on the 8th row.

For tips on how to add color and weave in the ends, check out the links below:

Adding color:

Weaving in ends:

Happy knitting!
~Louise C.


  1. Lady! Knitting a baby blanket is one my 30 Before 30 list! Would you be willing to teach me?!

  2. Beautiful blanket...if or when I become a grandma, I will order one from u....but then I think I will order one the next time I need to get a baby gift, because I may never be a grandma.lol